Dear Arizona A∆K Sisters,

It is indeed an honor and privilege to serve as your President this 2018-2020 biennium. When I needed a theme, logo and goals for this term, I prayed, while listening to music. Of course, I had a mix of my favorites on my computer in the background. When I heard IZ, the sensation of Hawaii - my vision became clear and What a Wonderful World…Alpha Delta Kappa Making an Impact became a reality!


Our A∆K ideals remain the same, fostering excellence in education, world understanding and altruism with an emphasis on our increasing Arizona membership. In Arizona, we want to recruit, retain and reinstate members to our sisterhood. As members of the Executive Board, each one of us will be reaching out to chapters as a liaison to the board, opening communications even more. Finally, we will be continuing our efforts to establish a new chapter in Eastern Arizona.

With these goals, may we renew our devotion to AΔK and may our Arizona sisters use our energy to provide opportunities to impact others around this great state, nation and the world.  What a Wonderful World, sisters and friends!


Hugs to all,

Betty Ehret

Arizona Alpha Delta Kappa President, 2018-2020


What a Wonderful World...Alpha Delta Kappa Making an Impact!