Dear Arizona A∆K Sisters,

From the Composer’s Desk

     As the biennium nears a change in leadership, I reflect on the importance of music in my life. Many of us enjoy different kinds of music for different occasions, such as soft, soothing music as we try to relax and then peppy, quick tempo as we work around the house. Today let’s focus on the composer.

     The major goal of a composer is to bring joy to others through music and to create a masterpiece. The composition should have a clear goal and be able to be repeated. As a composer, there is so much to learn, little time to finish and hard to understand on its own. Inspiration is needed and often time collaboration is the key.

     This reminds me of the composition I’m working on right now, the program for the Arizona Alpha Delta Kappa State Convention! When I took office on April 21, 2018, the term seemed endless. Now that it’s approaching, the days seem shorter and I still have lots to accomplish. One of my main objectives for the 2020 State Convention, was to make it affordable, as I also joined the ranks of retired and a fixed income. The Convention Committee worked hard and we are pleased to announce the Four Points Sheraton North agreed to a room rate of $99/night + tax for up to four people in a room, with a hot breakfast included for convention hotel guests. Then an A∆K sister introduced me to Brenda Holt, the Senior Program Specialist for AARP, who is sponsoring our Convention Luncheon. We are so excited over this sponsorship!

     Presently I’m working on the details of the Convention Program and the committee and I want to personally invite you to the 2020 Arizona Alpha Delta Kappa State Convention. The Arizona sisters will be a big part of this amazing day. Come join us May 1-3 at the Four Points Sheraton North!


Hugs to all,

Betty Ehret

Arizona Alpha Delta Kappa President, 2018-2020


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