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President’s Biennium Speech

Nancy Martinez


Sisters, I want to thank God and you for the privilege and honor of serving as your State President for the next two years.  Thank you to my chapter, Alpha Alpha, for your love and support; to my family, including my extended family, thank you for being there; Twyla and Betty, thank you both for being my role models, it will make this adventure easier.  Thank you to my new Executive Board for joining me on this two-year adventure of learning, encouraging, generating, altruism, caring and you.

Betty, you leave with your head held high in all that you have accomplished and helped to nurture during your Biennium.  The increase in new members and reinstatements and the Chartering of Arizona’s first AΔK Collegiate Club at the University of Arizona and more to come, I hope. Thank you and congratulations.

The start of my Biennium has been different to say the least, but I did say we would make history in my skit during Founders’ Day events. As we head into these next two years, I wish to share my goals for Arizona AΔK.  Membership remains the number one priority and Arizona has seen an increase in our membership, but we must continue to bring in new sisters and bring back sisters who left.  I am challenging every chapter and the Collegiate Club to add two more members to your chapter/club in the next two years, as I know you can do it.  Further, I would like to continue the work of adding another chapter and another Collegiate Club to our Arizona roster and I know we can do this in the next two years.  Our state and chapter leaders have been laying the ground work on chartering a new chapter and there are two possible colleges that may sponsor another Collegiate Club.  The infinite possibilities will help make these goals a reality. My other goal is increasing sisterhood, by having sister chapters combine meetings/events, using technology through Zoom or other platforms to host meetings!

Altruistic projects are my passion and it’s not just the money donations, it’s cards for Hospice, pajamas for women’s shelters, clothing for Dress-A-Child and so on.  I would love to see photos and writeups in the Kappan and our state newsletter. Arizona does amazing work and we should showcase that within our state and nation.  Don’t be shy about the good things we do as a chapter or state.

Arizona sisters who know me probably have an idea regarding my theme and logo for this Biennium.  First off it is not a cat or a moose, as some sisters suggested.  Most of you know I am a quilter and it only made sense that my theme and logo would have something to do with quilting, so here we go.

First, a huge thank you to my friend and quilting buddy, Geri Onnen, for creating and quilting my block.  The block comes from a quilt of log cabins, but I have turned the log cabin into a school house.  The school house has AΔK on the side to represent International Headquarters.  The colors of AΔK are included throughout the block, the window has four panes to represent our founders. The seven stars represent our seven regions of A∆K and four of the stars represent years as a sister: silver, sapphire, gold, diamond and platinum.  The foundation under the school house represents the Past, Present and Future, encircling the school house are the following words: “Piecing the Past, Present and Future to create our AΔK Legacy.”

That brings us to my theme for the Biennium; “LEGACY!” Each letter stands for a goal to be reached during this Biennium. Please check out my goals and what each letter represents.

Sisters, I am so excited about what we can accomplish as a State and individual chapters during this Biennium. Thanks for joining me on this two-year cruise.

Thank You and May God Bless you.