2018-2020 Logo

What a Wonderful World…based on a popular song by Louie Armstrong and my favorite rendition was introduced to me by a dear Hawaiian sister, Joy Koyanagi to Iz, the Hawaiian legend. 

  • The 7 violets at the base of the telescope represent the 7 regions encompassing our International sisterhood from the Gulf to the Southwest

  • The 4 stars represent the 4 Arizona Alpha Delta Kappa districts: Central, Colorado River, Northern and Southern – as well as our 4 founders Agnes Shipman Robertson, Marion Southall, Marie Neal and Hattie Poppino (Pop-o-no)

  • The silver star signifies the Silver sisters of 25 years

  • The blue stars signify the sapphire sisters of 35 years

  • The gold star represents our golden sisters who celebrate 50 years of membership

  • The Diamond star represents our Diamond sisters who celebrate 60 years of sisterhood

  • At the base you see the telescope watching over the earth – which represents

our international headquarters, an integral key to the operation of this sorority and its 33,000 members.